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About Us

Roadman Investments is a Canadian venture capital and advisory firm listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV:LITT)(FWB:1QD). Roadman strives to actively drive innovation and accelerate growth within its portfolio holdings, with the objective of realizing alpha returns. Roadman is mandated with deploying investment capital and advisory services to both public and private companies. Roadman’s investment committee looks to identify companies with a strong potential for accretive revenue and profitability in the following sectors:


Financial Services


Health & Wellness

Investment Philosophy

Roadman Investments is a research-driven investment firm and each portfolio selection goes through methodical analysis. The company uses a broad spectrum of investment strategies across industries and capitalization ranges.

A cornerstone of our philosophy lies in the consistent application of a rigorous investment approach that analyzes not only the financial and business prospects of the companies we invest in but also the the fundamental macro drivers of the industry. The vision and talent of the founders is the drive behind the company and one of our most important considerations. Roadman Investments only partners with entrepreneurs that are highly competent and committed. Our culture stresses teamwork and the free exchange of ideas among our executives and key industry experts to ensure calculated and data driven decisions.

Roadman Investments strives for excellence in portfolio selection, strategic capital allocation and its ability to surpass our partner’s expectations.


Roadman plans to achieve significant growth by investing in securities of companies engaged in health and wellness, nutrition, new forms of medicines, pharmaceutical products and others. In the near term Roadman aims to acquire assets in cultivation, distribution, consumer products and research and development in the medicinal mushroom sector.

The Roadman

The firm’s most distinctive strength is its proprietary, independent research and it’s connections to leading experts in the medicinal mushroom industry. It is this comprehensive approach that is positioning Roadman as a future frontrunner in the fast growing alternative health industry.

Health & Wellness

The world is becoming more health conscious than ever before and wellness needs are growing daily. In pursuit of a more preventative approach to staying healthy, consumers are opting for more conscious nutritional and drug alternatives.  Roadman believes that the future of the $4.2 trillion worldwide wellness market relies on appealing to the population that seeks pharmaceutical free alternatives and more natural cures.

Roadman is committed to investing in breakthrough products, devices, treatments and health supplements that promote holistic health and wellness.

Current Investments

  • CLOV Biopharma Corp (“CBP”) was formed in early 2020 as the specific domicile for the advancement of research, development, and assessment of potential commercial viability of cedar leaf oil and cedar leaf oil vapour in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotechnology sectors.
  • Backed by over a decade of both in-field studies alongside laboratory and scientific research by foremost Canadian virologist, Dr. James Hudson, PhD.
  • CBP is party to a licensing agreement whereby it has been granted Intellectual Property consisting of certain products that may be patented, including certain know-how, industry knowledge and experience relating to cedar leaf oil; including preferential access to premium cedar leaf oil.
  • CBP’s corporate mission is to conduct further R&D of cedar leaf oil vapour for the purposes of preventing the spread of coronavirus and other similar potentially pathogenic respiratory viruses, for example, influenza and para-influenza viruses, and respiratory syncytial viruses.

The Roadman Team

Roadman Investments management team is composed of investment professionals that bring extensive experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital and investment management. The company is also proactively engaging the most renowned leaders in the alternative health industry to ensure access to superior investment opportunities.

Tyler Lewis – CEO & Director

Mr. Lewis is a director of Thoughtful Brands Inc., an eCommerce technology company that develops, produces and markets natural health products through various brands in North America and Europe utilizing its proprietary direct-to-consumer platform. Through continuous strategic acquisitions, the company has a strong footprint in the CBD and nutraceutical product markets. Mr. Lewis has a decade of experience working in the cannabis and nutraceuticals market in various management positions and has a background in accounting. Mr. Lewis’ savvy business acumen has abled him to successfully use the capital in companies to build profitable businesses and long-lasting liquid shareholder wealth in complicated and uncertain markets.

Luke Montaine – CFO & Director

Experienced capital markets professional with a 15+ year history in various capacities including the roles of Investment Advisor, Corporate Development and Corporate Finance. Mr. Montaine and has raised millions of dollars in funding for public and private companies and has completed several successful mergers and acquisitions.

Farbod Shahrokhi – Director

Mr. Shahrokhi is an investor, entrepreneur, and business developer whose professional career has been focused in areas of health, natural foods, biotech, mining, and housing development in numerous management positions. He has been an early investor in various successful private and public market companies. His insight and investment in companies across multiple sectors have helped those businesses grow substantially and provided value to shareholders. Mr. Shahrokhi has successfully grown his portfolio significantly by strategically bringing his wealth into early-stage and complex investments.

Shawn Moniz – Director

Shawn has worked with the Pharma industry for over 20 years, most recently with Klick Health, Canada Largest Health Sciences Agency.  In his career, Shawn has worked with almost every major player in the Canada and US pharmaceutical Markets developing and strategizing multi-million dollar consumer programs.  Most notably, his career client list includes AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Astellas, Takeda, Navartis, Nova nordisk, Edna, UCB, Shire, Merk, Baxter, and Sanofi.

During his tenure in the pharmaceutical vertical Shawn has helped develop countless product strategies, customer journey programs, media-driven allocation strategies including PPC, DTC and Veeva support programs for Canadian as well as American companies.   These programs spanned over 23 disease states, including biological treatment applications of temperature-sensitive vaccines.

Shawn worked with his clients to develop monetization models for account groups and individual brands.  The evolution of these models are still used by some companies today.  Shawn will be looking to develop and implement such models with the BioPharma and Roadman teams and work hand in hand with the monetization focus of the company for this upcoming quarter, and upcoming fiscal year of planning.

Shawn is currently the CEO of Plant & Co Brands Inc., a public company trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) under the symbol: VEGN.  Shawn also sits on various technology advisory boards as he continues to be involved in entrepreneur-based initiatives spanning various verticals, pharmaceutical included.

Investment Criteria

Roadman leverages the following investment criteria when evaluating potential investment opportunities:

Exposure to emerging industries primed for geometric growth

Ability to generate alpha returns

Strong potential for accretive revenue and profitability

Evidence of potential dominance in market segment and/or geographic location

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Roadman Investment’s delivers significant value to entrepreneurs not just with the capital we provide but also with our team’s experience and passion.



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Refine your company’s direction and gain significant operational and financial experience.

Business Incubation

Access to seed funding and established corporate infrastructure 

Global Partnership Development

Take your business global and tap into our network

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate recapitalization or restructuring services 

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