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Tyler Lewis
Tyler Lewis Chief Executive Officer & Director
Mr. Lewis has a decade of experience working in the cannabis and nutraceuticals market in various management positions and has a background in accounting. Tyler sits on the Board of Directors of Green Bridge Metals Corp., a Canadian based natural resources exploration company with properties located in Newfoundland, Canada.
Mark Luchinski
Mark Luchinski Chief Financial Officer
Mark Luchinski has over 20 years of capital market experience, having worked in both public and private sectors as an Officer and Director on several companies. Mr. Luchinski is a graduate from the University of Victoria. He is well versed in corporate governance, finance, compliance, and the administration of publicly traded companies.
Sam Shahrokhi
Sam Shahrokhi Director
Sam is the President of the Rejuva Alternative Research Centre, a multifaceted medical clinic focused on the advancement of innovative alternative mental health treatments. Under his guidance, the clinic assists patients’ access to legal psychedelic-assisted therapy through the facilitation of Special Access Program applications to Health Canada. Sam's impressive professional journey is also marked with a wealth of investment expertise, notably in the realm of successful early-stage ventures, as well as a diversified background in finance and shareholder communications. He has been instrumental in assisting numerous publicly traded companies meet strategic objectives and enhance shareholder value. Sam is a graduate of the University of Victoria, where he earned an Economics Degree with honors, complemented by a minor in business finance. His educational foundation has significantly contributed to his profound understanding of intricate business dynamics.
Constantine Carmichel Director
Mr. Carmichel is a businessman with over twenty years’ experience in corporate finance, including consulting private and public companies, spearheading multiple initial public offerings, and helping facilitate mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Carmichel received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

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